Status Update on BCI-RPG / NeuroRPG

Some updates from the BCI RPG / NeuroRPG Development team.

Just some quick notes on where we are at with our open source version of NeuroRPG, BCI RPG.

Generic Testing RPG System Mechanics Reference Implementation

Areas for regression testing during updates:

Dice Roller
Assets: visual/UI settings within the assets directory
Character creator
Main Menu
History Pager

Locations identified as follows:


got the location hierarchies into the game, and these are loading and building correctly. Next time I'll add a new action into the game for moving to different container locations, and also a way to flag/indicate where the game begins. (Currently it's starting at space 0, essentially, as in the old flat location system.)

I've added starting marker as noted above, and actions that allow moving between regions (with test regions added to our game XML). I need to allow more granular relocation (so it's just not jumping to a new region, but to a specified space within any region), which I will add next time!

So it takes you to the desired space by name. I put in a test to warp to a tavern in the Forgotten Realms and back to the Tempest and this is working...